Quit your job and become a surfer - 200€

This course contains a minimum of 12hrs. of lesson with one instructor and maximum 6 students.

Divided into 2-3 hour units and split over 6 days this course is perfect to learn the pure basics of surfing, stand up on white water waves and start riding on green waves.

Course days can be decreased by doing 2 units per day resulting in 4 days of total course lenght.

+ Important Information

The first day of course is always starting at 10.00. The hours of the lessons afterwards can be at 10.00 or 14.00 depending on your schedule and waveonditions.

All our courses are including equipment. All you need to bring is a towel, swimwear, sunglasses and a natural suncream that doesnt harm the reefs.

The hours of a lesson unit are depending on your endurance, waveconditions and progress and can be longer than 2hrs.

Booking this course online saves you 10% compared to our onsite prices.

+ Course Content

First session

we stretch and warm up

breathing excercises

we show you how to paddle and handle the board in the waves for a safe and fun session

its all about the take off, simple steps lead to sucess

in the water the instructor is always near you and corrects your mistakes

on average in the first lesson you ride a couple of waves

In the second session we concentrate on wheigt balance

improving paddle technic

improving take off

on average in this lesson you ride a couple of waves and start to stand on the board just a little bit longer

In the third session we concentrate on wave selection

theory on choosing the right position and wave selection

paddeling more efficently and avoiding washbacks

if your progression permits we go out a bit further to experience the green not yet broken waves

on average in this lesson you gain a good control on white water waves and start to paddle on the first green not yet broken waves

The following sessions we only concentrate on green waves

more theoretical input about wheigt balance, wave selection and riding technic

usually after this course you can rent equipment and keep improving by yourself until you are ready for our progression lessons.

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