In this guide we show you 7 of the best spots that are close to our center and suitable for most kitesurfers.

Boa Vista with more than 170km of coastline has a great variety of surfing and kitesurfing spots. From super flat water to perfect lines and hollow big wave breaks - there is a beach for everyone.

The reason why we show you only a small portion is not because we are too lazy to upload data but we believe not everything has to be available online.

If you come to Boa Vista: explore with us, live the moment and share those memories offline with your loved ones.

Aerial Sal Rei - Morabeza Kitesurfing in Boa Vista Cape Verde.jpg


Our homebase with sideoffshore winds from the right, flat water and small to medium sized waves for the beginner and strapless lover. Wind is accelerated over the land and usually 3-5 knots stronger than the forecast. The water is deep right away and there are no rocks in front of the center. Wind is always a bit gusty. Perfect starting point for many downwinders and you can reach 5 of the best wavespots from here in minutes.



Only about 200 meters to our right you will find this reef with perfect conditions for surfing, suping and kitesurfing. The waves are usually 0.5 - 1meter and dont create a lot of force. The rocks underneath are gentle and the amount of sea urchins is very limited. A great place for beginner and medium riders and if you are looking for big air you will fall in love with the kickers rolling in.



Located in front of the industrial port of Sal Rei you can reach this wavespot easily departing from our center to the right and keeping upwind for about 900 meters. This wave spot is suitable for medium to pro riders and is loved by the local surfers for the very steep take off conditions. On a good day it can reach 3 - 4 meters. The first break is hollow and it then forms into a second section where you can enjoy 2-5 turns. Wind is side - sideoffshore.



There is a small island in front of Sal Rei and it has this amazing beach with a little reef that makes it a flatwater spot in paradise. You can reach this beach by simply going downwind from our center for about 2 minutes. Take a break, explore the old portughese defense tower and bust some moves in the crystal clear water. We also use this location for strapless training.



Just behind Bahamas you can find this wavespot suited for pro riders. Its not easy to reach, if you make a mistake its going to hurt and it only works at lowtide with big swells from NorthWest. But when its on its worth all the risks. Some people who ride regulary at Ponta Preta say this waves is even better.

Glassy perfection with sideoffshore winds.



Simply start from our center for 10 minutes downwind to arrive at this sideshore wavespot. It works best just after lowtide and is easy to ride with small waves but can become huge and powerful. On our simple downwinder this is the first stop and loved by everyone for the constant winds and vicinity to the beach. It can become quiet busy in highseason.



Far away from the shore but still in sight this spot is for the adrenalin hunters. Big to huge waves, sideshore winds and barrels the size of your living room. Works with north to northwest swells and is worth a visit for every pro rider. We simply take a boat and arrive there after 15 minutes.

These are only 7 of more than 30 surf, sup and kitespots on the island of Boa Vista. We will be happy to show you even more in person :)