Independent Kitesurfer 700€

Your new favourite Hobby

This course contains a minimum of 17hrs. of lesson with one instructor and maximum 2 students. Divided into 2-3 hour units and split over 7 days.

This course is perfect to learn the pure basics, ride your first meters, learn how to avoid drifting downwind, keep uwpind and two supervision sessions to improve your skills even further in full safety.

Course days can be decreased by doing 2 units per day resulting in 4 days of total course lenght.

+ Important Information

The first day of course is always starting at 09.00 for the safety session that is obligatory for all our clients. The hours of the lessons afterwards can be at 10.00 or 14.00 depending on your schedule and windconditions.

All our courses are including equipment. All you need to bring is a towel, swimwear, sunglasses and a natural suncream that doesnt harm the reefs.

The hours of a lesson unit are depending on your endurance, windconditions and progress and can be longer than 2hrs.

Booking this course online saves you 10% compared to our onsite prices.

The timeline of your independent kitesurfer course

Safety Session

Lesson 1

The safety session is a crucial and first part of your kitesurfing career. We decided to make it a lesson on its own. If you book a course with us the safety session is obligatory even if you have some pre experience. We usually schedule the safety session in the morning from 09 - 10 or in the afternoon from 17 - 18.

Setup and fly

Lesson 2

We will cover the setup and rigging of the equipment. With small kites and short lines you learn to maneuver the kite safely and we prepare you for the water exercises.

Relaunch and bodydrag

Lesson 3

Learn how to fly the kite in deep water and get confident with the new element. We teach you how to relaunch the kite from the water. The bodydrag is the most important step to master before starting with the board. You might need this lesson twice, it all depends on your personal progress. Only once you master the bodydrag you can continue with the next lessons.

Powerdives and riding

Lesson 4

Learn how to create power in your kite with specific movements. We teach you the basics of the boardcontrol. Ride the first meters. You might need this lesson a couple of times, it all depends on your personal progress.

Riding steering and speed control

Lesson 5

We teach you the right posture while riding, avoiding excessive acceleration and you will learn how to use your body to edge the board, steer by carving and stop loosing height. You might need this lesson a couple of times, it all depends on your personal progress.

Riding upwind

Lesson 6 and 7

The last step before switching to our supervision sessions is to learn how to avoid loosing height to the wind and start riding upwind. The right kite control paired with perfect posture and edging is the key. You might need this lesson a couple of times, it all depends on your personal progress.

Supervision session

Supervision 2x2 hours

Our supervision classes are the key for sucess. At this point of your kitesurfing career all you have to do is practice, practice and practice. We help you to setup the equipment and launch. Our instructor is there for you with a safety boat for unlimited rescues. Equipment is included. Maximum 5 participants per instructor.