improve your skills and explore

The full Boa Vista Kitesurfing experience

With our progression packages we created a kitesurfing lesson that will not waste time but concentrate on 100% practice, fun and adventure.

Once you arrive we get to know eachother and set your goals. Then depending on wave-direction and windspeed we choose the best spot to go to.

Visit the most fascinating spots of Boa Vista

With our 4x4 Pickups we reach every corner of the Island. Once on the spot you get a full introduction of your sourroundings and specific instructions on the skills you decided to improve. And then its time to kite!

Our instructors will follow you on the water and film you from land and sometimes call you back to the beach for further instructions. You can enjoy kitesurfing in complete freedom while having a personal coach.

Hungry ?

We prepare lunch directly on the beach for all participants.

Fresh fish, pasta, local dishes and vegan options are available. So we have enough energy for the afternoon session.

On our way back home we pass many local villages and mostly we end up having dinner at a local restaurant together.

Book via Mail

This is the preffered option to go if you still have some questions or you are not sure what package is right for you. Simply contact us here.

For a fixed reservation via mail we require a 20% downpayment via CreditCard, Paypal or European Bank Transfer.

Online Booking

Booking our activities online you save 10% with the coupon save10 and receive a welcome drink at the Morabeza Restaurant. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact us.

For a online booking we require a 20% downpayment via CreditCard.