Its easy to travel to boa Vista

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Dont search for hours and end up paying more for your travel to Boa Vista.

Simply send us a mail with your holiday dates and we will find a connection for you. Boa Vista is easy to reach from all major Airports in Europe and the flight time is only 6hrs.

The International Airport “Aristides Pereira” is only minutes from the city center and our location.

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As of January 1st 2019 most European Citiziens dont need a visa to enter Cape Verde.

All you need to do is to register online about 5 days before your arrival and have a Passport that is valid for another 6 months. The Airport service fee that has to be paid upon arrival is 31€.

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Travelling directly from Europe there are no vaccinations for Cape Verde required for entry. It is a Yellow fever risk region but there have been no cases for many years.

Other vaccines need to be considered against food and water borne diseases such as Hepatitis A & Typhoid.

Please visit the website of your Forreign Affairs office for more informations.


Euros are accepted everywhere. The official exchange rate is 110 Escudos for 1 Euro.

We advise you to change money at a local supermarket. Its pretty easy.

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