Boa Vista is a downwind paradise

We believe there is no better way to highlight your kitesurfing holiday on Boa Vista than a downwinder along the impressive shores of the Island.

Our downwind trips range from easy distances like 10k to long trips with 50k+.

Find beautiful wavespots where otherwise no kiter would be, experience the island from a perspective only a few people are able to and life an adventure that has been described as the most profound kitesurfing experience by our clients.

We organise a downwind trips at least once per week but it depends a lot on swell and windconditions.

Currently you cant book a downwind trip online but if you would like to join us simply signup and we will get you on the waiting list.

Kite 4 Change

Morabeza Kitesurfing is also the official event location for the famous KiteDownwind that connects the Island of Sal with Boa Vista in an open ocean crossing over the atlantic for a good cause.

The next event is scheduled for February 2020 and it offers a incredible downwind experience on the Island.